Kerry Mannix is a senior digital editing major at Pace University located in Pleasantville, New York. Mannix is deeply passionate about creating news that matters. Her interests include political science, psychology, theater, and much more.

Mannix feels making informative news accessible to all is imperative, and values the individual. She practices transparency in her reporting, with the understanding that all people have their biases, even (and sometimes, especially) reporters. For this reason, Mannix feels keeping an open mind is crucial in the progression of the human race, and firmly believes that accessible news is one of the foundations for such progression.

In the spirit of transparency, Mannix is open about her passions for topics such as social justice in many forms, as well as the environment, sustainability, and many other topics of political and worldly thought. She encourages others to educate themselves on these topics not just through her own reporting but the academic, scholarly, and otherwise reporting of people from all different walks of life. She staunchly believes that everyone’s voice matters.

Mannix lives with her family and dog in the small town of Wading River, located on Long Island, New York. She has lived there all her life, and while she loves her hometown, she is looking forward to branching out and gaining new experiences that will help her learn more about the world. Mannix hopes to follow the path of a long career in the field of digital journalism, and create positive impact through her reporting.